2021 U.S. Trade Mission to Cameroon

March 30th, 2021

Huffine Global Solutions (HGS) will be leading the company’s second trade mission to Cameroon from June 14-18, 2021. Representatives from neighboring nations will be invited to attend events to be held in Cameroon to maximize the success. At the invitation of Prime Minister Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute and following up on our successful November 2020 visit to Cameroon, HGS is positioned to help increase trade between the United States and Cameroon and assist American companies looking to grow their businesses by expanding into African markets.

The Trade Mission will include meetings with the Government of Cameroon at the highest levels, introductions to local industry contacts and potential trade partners, and the ability to present mission participants and their product/services to neighboring countries and markets. During this visit, HGS expects several deals to be signed that were initiated in November 2020. Following that visit, the Government of Cameroon has already established technical Working Groups to consider projects submitted by HGS in the agricultural, energy, housing, infrastructure, and health sectors.

Information on how to participate with this trade mission will be posted on our website (https://www.HuffineGS.com/our-services) in the upcoming week. Due to the impact of COVID-19, participation can be either in person as a delegate traveling to Cameroon, or by working with HGS to introduce your company’s products and/or services to the authorities and potential clients.

HGS supports businesses rooted in the United States that want to increase the scope of their activities globally. HGS is a group of cultural interpreters and pioneers that see opportunity and potential in the far reaches of the world. HGS has developed an array of different strategies and methods that are tailored to the exact needs of each project, so far yielding success in 21 nations on 6 different continents.

For more information, please contact the HGS Press Office at +1-703-380-7269