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Huffine Global Solutions, Inc. (HGS) promotes and supports international trade including commercial real estate development.

Edwin Huffine, CEO Huffine Global Solutions

Our Story

We bring new systems and technologies to existing and emerging markets, offering well-defined and sustainable solutions. We are a group of cultural interpreters and pioneers who see opportunity and potential in the far reaches of the world.

Our consultants come from diverse backgrounds with direct experience in a variety of different industries that include agriculture, biotech, construction, defense, diplomacy, DNA forensics, electrical infrastructure, food production, hospitality, and road curation. Our wealth of experience in such varied sectors produces results for our clients in a timely, cost effective manner.

When you choose to work with HGS, you are choosing experienced international business consultants with an extensive network of government and industry leaders. We are proud to say that we have traveled to and operated in over 80 countries.

“We work alongside U.S.-based and international business partners whose vision we share, and match them with projects around the world.”

We create possibilities

We forge new possibilities by expanding our clients’ products and services and match them with the needs of the international community.

Through our combined 200+ years of experience in the industry, we have developed an array of different strategies and methods that we tailor to the exact needs of each project.

We are proud to say that our methods have yielded success in 21 nations on 6 different continents.


With over $100,000,000 in grants raised we come to the table with quite the list of qualifications.

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