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Brad Herzog, Executive Leadership / Founder

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With more than four decades of experience as a C-level executive and entrepreneur, Bradley is a respected leader with a passion for developing long-term strategic customer-focused relationships.  Bradley possesses demonstrable business strategy expertise, from inception to sustained growth, through his personal experience and leadership of operations, business development, sales, and marketing teams.  


Bradley is a talented conversion specialist that understands at the most basic level what people really need and want.  He effectively leverages this ability to help individuals, corporations, and organizations identify, convert, and finalize attractive opportunities through analyzing, articulating, and solving challenges that enable improved performance and accelerated growth with agility.  


Bradley’s emphasis domestically and internationally is in operations, marketing, sales, revenue enhancement, cost containment/de-escalation, and specialized contracting initiatives for healthcare system delivery and compliance, insurance, real estate, government services, non-profits, and entertainment.  

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