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Professor Huffine is an experienced domestic and international business executive with more than 20-years of proven experience who has received awards from federal, state, professional, and academy for excellence.

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DNA SCIENTIST /Consultant | Program Architect | International Business
Complex Systems Management | Sales Development | Foreign Relations/Diplomacy

Ed's career includes working with governmental agencies, NGOs,  and for-profit companies. During this time, led research and development programs, managed large numbers of scientists in multiple nations and ethnicity, increased exports and sales of various companies, provided testimony before the US Congress and various agencies for both advanced scientific projects and trade sustainability. Three times has taken start-ups from infancy to a recognized world leader in their field and maintains an international network of trusted and vested international partners, government agencies, NGOs, and financing groups. Experienced in B2B, governmental, and NGO projects and negotiations and in developing and adhering to P&L statements and cash flow requirements for profit companies and non-profit NGOs.


CEO: Huffine Global Solutions, Inc. 2020-Present
President: Huffine International LLC 2015-2020

• Implement strategies that historically result in a 70%+ award rate on tenders; Successfully led international B2B sales efforts;
• Design business strategies based upon a company’s culture and client’s goals;
• For international opportunities, serves as a cultural interpreter based upon decades of international business experience;
• Determine what offerings and/or strategies make the purchasing of a company’s products and services more appealing
  and affordable to the end client, thus putting providing a further competitive advantage;
• Mitigates financial risk to the seller;
• Develops a mix of short term and long-term sales to meet a client’s current and forecast revenue needs;
  Presents at numerous conference and seminars;
• Serves as a chaperon to guide the US company to a successful contract and to do so under superior sales conditions;
  Possesses a global set of contacts who have been vetted as reliable partners;
• Significant reach into Middle East, Africa, and Asia; made sales or awarded projects in more than 60 nations;
  Develop realistic P&
L statements and outlined how cash flow can be improved;
• Introduced and ‘nurtured’ discussions with various US agencies provide project and/or export assistance in terms of
  funding options, such as the US Advocacy Center, US Embassies, and US Export-Import Bank;
• ‘Plug-in’ companies with US governmental agencies that act as a force multiplier for a company’s success.

BODE TECHNOLOGY, Lorton, VA 2004 – 2015
Vice President - International Development

• Expanded sales from one international client to more than 60 international clients;
• Took Bode from relative international obscurity to a well-known and respected product and service provider;
• Developed detailed P&L statements to cover anticipated revenue, expenses, and cash flow and incorporated risk factors;
  Created overall project details and concepts for delivery timelines;
• Responder to the Thailand Tsunami Identification Center;
• Opened office in Juba, South Sudan and established senior relationships with various government agencies, leading to
  signing of agreements;
• Delivered Congressional testimony on various occasions about the impact of US Government support on both meeting
  humanitarian requirements and supporting US companies in increasing exports;
• Actively performed as the lead scientist for the missing from the World Trade Center and the Katrina Hurricane;
• Supported NGOs in missing person’s programs in numerous nations ranging from technical input to gaining financing.


International Commission on Missing Persons, Sarajevo, Bosnia 1999 - 2004

• Oversaw development of and managed a complex system of DNA laboratories, mortuaries, exhumation teams, and DNA
  collection teams. This system would grow from one person (me) to more than 140 and encompass 4 nations;
• Lead the development and implementation of SOPs to cover a wide variety of laboratory operations;
• Created forensic system that adhered to international standards and local court requirements;
• Prepared laboratory for ISO accreditation;
• Developed revenue/expense and cash flow models;
• Successfully engaged donors to increase funding;
• Was the architect of what became the largest DNA-based identification of the missing in the world, which became the
  template model for other human identification projects around the world;
• Oversaw and managed research and development of bio-technical and scientific systems to significantly improve
  throughput, quality, and decrease costs of operations;
• Frequently interacted with media, government officials, family groups, donor agencies, and key stakeholders to ensure
  continual and accurate updates and flow of information;
• Served as scientific advisor to US and NYC authorities after 9/11;
• Presented detailed scientific research at numerous subject matter conferences as well as provided scientific information
  at seminars for lay-people in an easily understood manner.

Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory (1994 – 1999), Rockville, Maryland 1994 – 1999
Chief of Section

• Managed a team of 23 scientists involved in the DNA testing of US service members from Vietnam, Korea, and WWII;
• Led the development, review and implementation of SOPs to cover a wide variety of laboratory operations;
• Successfully prepared laboratory for both ISO and ASCLD accreditation;
• Led research projects that increased efficiencies and ability to obtain results;
• Personally involved in the testing of the Tomb of the Unknown Solider and the bullet that allegedly killed JFK;
• Increased operationally throughput by more than 100% without increase in staffing;
• Decreased cost of testing by more than 50%;
• Gave numerous scientific presentations at conferences;
• Interacted with family groups and military to detail the DNA testing process.

Federal Aviation Administration (1990 – 1994), Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Chemist



Honorary PhD, University of WisconsinBS - Chemistry, Cameron University

MS - Biochemistry, University of Oklahoma

BA – Education/Teaching Degree & Oklahoma License, Cameron University


Honorary Professor, University of Wisconsin, April 2014

Alumni of the Year, Cameron University, 2002

State of Virginia Kompass Company of the Year Award for 2009 ExportingLifetime Achievement Award, 2000

President’s E Award for Increasing International Exports

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