Huffine Global Solutions Partners with Inter Vest Corporation

June 28th, 2021

Huffine Global Solutions (HGS) CEO Edwin Huffine is pleased to announce that HGS has entered into a collaborative partnership with Inter Vest Corporation (IVC), headquartered in Baku, Azerbaijan.  The formal agreement took effect on June 03, 2021 with the goal of conceptualizing and executing projects in Azerbaijan, building on the strength of the two companies in fostering excellence, and promoting sustainable and environmentally-friendly development.

Azerbaijan is a nation that possesses significant resources for development across many different industries, including agriculture, infrastructure, forestry, hospitality and resorts, energy, and mining, as well as many other fields.

HGS employs the most modern technologies to transform the natural resources of nations into sustainable health and prosperity for their people and supports U.S.-based businesses that wish to increase the scope of their activities and international sales. HGS is a group of cultural interpreters and pioneers that have developed an array of different strategies and methods that are tailored to the exact needs of each project, so far yielding success in 21 nations on 6 different continents.

IVC is an international consultancy and strategic communications company which includes professionals and educators involved in scientific research, strategic think tanks, and business development institutions across Azerbaijan. IVC provides world-class innovative campaigns and facilitates market entry for companies and institutions around the world interested in doing business in Azerbaijan and the CIS region. 

“HGS and IVC are working together to identify opportunities in infrastructure, hotel wellness resorts and tourism, water management, nano technologies, health care, food, and agriculture that strengthen the growing commercial and trade relationship between the United States and Azerbaijan,” said CEO Edwin Huffine.

IVC CEO Jeyhun Hajiyev is grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with HGS and believes that “this partnership will assist Azerbaijan in developing a progressive and dynamic economy while helping to develop stable, diverse, and long-term relationships with U.S. Companies.”


For more information, please contact the HGS Press Office at +1-703-380-7269.