Huffine Global Solutions Partners with Kansas Global Trade Services

July 29th, 2021

Huffine Global Solutions (HGS) CEO Edwin Huffine is excited to announce that HGS has entered into a partnership with Kansas Global Trade Services (KGTS).  The formal agreement covers sectors such as agriculture, advanced manufacturing, and information technology, with the goal of encompassing a wider range of economic activity and better serving our mutual partners. Currently, HGS and Kansas Global are working together to assist U.S. agricultural companies enter Central Asia and Saudi Arabia markets to offer access to beef for their growing populations.

“The partnership between Kansas Global Trade Service and Huffine Global Solutions combines the strength of both companies to assist US businesses in solidifying international relationships for market development, exporting products and increasing net revenue. We look forward to our future cooperation and building successful partnerships.” said Edwin Huffine.

KGTS CEO Laura Lombard adds, “Our partnership offers additional global expertise for the clients of both organizations.” “We see many opportunities to collaborate on international projects, ranging from opening new agricultural markets to potential partnerships in workforce development in advanced manufacturing or IT.”

HGS employs the most modern technologies to transform the natural resources of nations into sustainable health and prosperity for their people and supports U.S.-based businesses that wish to increase the scope of their activities and international sales. HGS is a group of cultural interpreters and pioneers that have developed an array of different strategies and methods that are tailored to the exact needs of each project, so far yielding success in 21 nations on 6 different continents.

KGTS provides customized consulting and services to help companies succeed in the global marketplace. They are nationally awarded and internationally recognized for their work in export services, trade compliance, and trade policy.  KGTS provides customized export services to companies that help them succeed in international trade and are customized to the specific needs and goals of each client. For more information, please visit their website at


For more information, please contact the HGS Press Office at +1-703-380-7269.