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1 DNA, Science, Education, Health & Wellness

From DNA forensic science, testing and Gender Based Violence initiatives to Wellness Centers and Pharmaceuticals, HGS provides Forensics, Health and Wellness Solutions

1   DNA, Science, Education, Health & Wellness

Huffine Global Solutions (HGS) has roots in the work done to identify missing US service members from Vietnam, Korea and WWII, as well as the mass DNA-led identification project in the former Yugoslavia, which has led to the identification of more than 17,000 recovered individuals.

The advancements in DNA testing, as well as understanding how DNA testing can be better used in identification projects, have a significant humanitarian and societal impact. Realizing the impact scientific advancements can have on nations has been incorporated into the basic philosophy of HGS’s operations and goal.
HGS has aligned itself with projects that include partners developing environments for scientific health and wellness, both domestically and internationally. In doing so we are also establishing an educational unit within HGS to work directly with Colleges, Universities and Health and Wellness associations, bringing the latest in organic herbs, leafy greens and organic pharmaceuticals to market in the US and Abroad.

Our Health & Wellness team is developing Renewable/Sustainable resources and state of the art research and development centers to assist in purifying the environment and giving individuals new opportunities to change to healthy, sustainable lifestyles.

Science through education plays a large part of HGS mission to develop the minds of the future. We are establishing a student exchange and internship program to assist individuals and nations in developing communities with the latest social, economic, healthcare and science technology.

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