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2 Housing, Hospitality and Building Science

Providing affordable social housing and building science solutions globally

2 Housing, Hospitality and Building Science

Housing and Hospitality, though different in end goals, both involve the construction of units for human habitation. In the former case, HGS works with companies that have developed patent-pending designs and systems to create ‘legacy’ homes, meaning houses that will endure for generations.

These homes can withstand severe weather, including hurricanes, are more energy-efficient than other models, and possess easy access to critical areas, such as water pipes and electric systems to provide for ease of repair.

An additional focus is for the majority of the homes to be built using local materials at center locations, as well as local labor.

The hospitality industry supports local commerce and growth and having quality hotels and amenities is a critical factor for long-term success and repeat business and HGS has partner companies that excel in this area.

Many areas around the world have tremendous history and activities to offer visitors, but the lack of accommodations hinders the development of the tourist industry.

By exploring other lands and cultures, one achieves an increased awareness and appreciation of the diversity that exists across the globe and this brings people from different lands together to share a common experience.

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