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3 Industry, Safety & Security

Industrial advancement including modular factories, Safety and Security technologies

3  Industry, Safety & Security

New advancements in industrial production offer new opportunities for retrofitting inefficient industrial production centers, and creating new lines of output that create local, high-quality jobs.

By working with companies and boards who are committed to both maintaining environmental integrity as well as the economic enhancement of local populations, systems can be built that are sustainable, produce quality products and further the local economy by using local products.

These production centers can be based upon various modalities, including joint venture agreements with US companies, BOOT to transfer to local operation and ownership, or built entirely for a local client.

Local production also helps to ameliorate the type of supply chain disruption from long distance providers that the world has witnessed over the past few years and in doing such, helps to reduce potential economic upsets and even starvation when a local population is overly dependent upon a few long-distance sources for food and critical materials.

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