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5 Financial Revitalization, Fin-Tech & Entertainment

Funding resources such as grants, loans, equity and debt financing

5  Financial Revitalization, Fin-Tech & Entertainment

Projects and development require funding. To most effectively aid in the development of a nation’s economy, this funding needs to be provided in a non-predatory manner that does not expose the nation to some degree of loss of sovereignty or control over its assets.

This funding might be in the form of US Government loans and/or grants, such as from the US EXIM Bank, USTDA, the DFC, USAID, and others, from International Banks like the World Bank, African Development Bank as some examples, as well as private and corporate investors.

Each funding agency has its own requirements and special areas of focus, and these points need to be addressed in any proposal submitted.

HGS also works with groups that provide insurance against non-payment due on funds provides, thus helping to mitigate financial risk to US companies. HGS staff has significant experience in working with various funding entities to meet the financing needs of the project.

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