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8 Ecology, Earth Sciences and Sustainable Development

Sustainable development applied to agriculture and all sectors of development.

8  Ecology, Earth Sciences and Sustainable Development

Education and Wellness play a large part of HGS improvements on the environment. HGS has teamed with partners to develop Renewable and Sustainable Resources such as, Geothermal, Solar, Wind, Hydro and Biomass.

As greenhouse gasses ravage our environment and climate change issues continue to increase, HGS practices and encourages individuals and nations to develop projects and products with Zero Carbon footprints. Our teams and partners have expertise in Carbon Sequestration and lowering CO2 emissions into the environment.

Climate change includes global warming and the impacts on the earth’s weather patterns. Development of Ecofriendly building materials, conservation methods and environment cleanup is a goal set in every program and project HGS is involved in.

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