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Feb 10, 2022

Huffine Global Solutions (HGS) CEO Edwin Huffine is excited to announce that HGS has entered into a partnership with Sarajevo University’s Institute for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (INGEB). The agreement establishes and formalizes mutual scientific and technical cooperation and exchange, with the goal of concluding broader service agreements in the fields of energy, biotechnology, services, agriculture, hospitality and tourism, and infrastructure.

“HGS and INGEB are working together to identify opportunities that strengthen the growing commercial and trade relationships between the United States, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Southeast Europe,” says CEO Edwin Huffine. “Our cooperation with INGEB stems from a long-standing connection when we worked together to solve the issue of missing persons throughout the territory of former Yugoslavia. Our past work as part of the International Commission on Missing Persons changed the science of DNA testing for human identification and impacted the world – I look forward to solving new challenges together.”

INGEB Director Naris Pojskić adds, “the development and application of advanced technologies is the main approach to solve critical social issues and achieve sustainable development goals. Science knows neither borders nor boundaries and it is our conviction that the expansion of our collaborative network will inspire the B&H research community to take advantage of this opportunity to incorporate the latest biotech advances into practical solutions for the issues that affect us all.”

HGS employs the most modern technologies to transform the natural resources of nations into sustainable health and prosperity for their people and supports U.S.-based businesses that wish to increase the scope of their activities and international sales.

INGEB is part of the University of Sarajevo and excels in various DNA and genome research, analysis, and development projects. They have extensive connections with companies and industries throughout the region of Southeastern Europe. For more information, please visit their website.

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