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Press Release: Fertile Ground and the National Banana and Plantain
Value Chain Association Sign Agreement to Increase
Banana and Plantain Production in Cameroon

Dec 5, 2022

"Fertile Ground (, is a US based company that performs

DNA testing on soil to determine which microbes are absent and produces a mix of replacement

microbes with their patented systems. This proven microbial-based product assortment offers a

variety of tangible and meaningful benefits such as, vastly improved crop nutrient uptake,

amplified disease protection and insect control, very low environmental impacts, delivery of

superior crop protection and significantly increased yields. Bill Cannon, CEO of Fertile Ground and

Director of Agricultural Services of Huffine Global Solutions, Inc. (HGS) said, “This agreement further

coordinates efforts among many stakeholders and growers and aids in creating precision

agriculture at the point of greatest benefit. We look forward to working with our new partners and

in jointly realizing the success of producing larger crops of healthier bananas and plantains."

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