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Press Release: Huffine Global Solutions, Inc Attends U.S.- Africa Leaders Summit

Dec 22, 2022

December 22, 2022

Huffine Global Solutions, Inc. Attends U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit

Huffine Global Solutions, Inc. (HGS) participated in the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, December 13-15th in

Washington, DC, hosted by the U. S. Department of State, in relevance to our work in African nations, which

follows our motto: “Transforming the Natural Resources of a Nation into Sustainable Health and Prosperity for Its People”. An excess of 40 leaders of African nations attended the Summit. Many engaged with audience attendees and discussed important sustainable development issues throughout Africa. Senior U.S. officials remarks, including President Biden, Secretary of State Blinken, Secretary of Commerce Raimondo, and Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack. The Summit presented excellent opportunities for leaders to meet and discuss increasing cooperation. Multiple agreements were signed.

HGS partners with over 50 companies that encompass a wide range of industries and that work together to

provide comprehensive solutions to cities, regions, and nations. Many of these companies boast advanced

technology in their sector that fundamentally improves that industry in terms of cost, efficiency, or longevity. HGS’s main function varies project to project, from operating Joint Ventures, to Build-Own-Transfer, to Private Public Partnerships, to assisting partner companies through successfully competing for and funding projects. All HGS partners agree to abide by our motto and work towards resilient national development. HGS CEO, Edwin Huffine, reflects; “The genesis of HGS traces to Bosnia and Hercegovina. I resigned as Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory in 1999 to head a new identification project in Bosnia. There were many challenges to setting up a DNA-led identification system, including integrating former warring parties into a cohesive system. The results changed a science and a nation. By 2002, we were making more than 500 identifications per month and for a time, Bosnia was identifying more missing via DNA testing than the rest of the world combined. The Bosnian model became the template for the world. In homage to our company’s heritage, a DNA molecule is embedded in HGS coins. From the horrors of a genocide, millions will now have a chance for a better life.

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