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Leading Trade Delegations

Throughout the month of November 2020 Huffine Global Solutions, Inc. (HGS) as well as other businesses led the first United States based trade delegation in the history of the republic. HGS solidified existing relationships within the Cameroonian government while simultaneously forming new ones throughout all sectors of governance including the Ministries of Agriculture, Infrastructure, Housing and all the way up to the Prime Minister’s office. The Cameroonian government expressed their interest in working with U.S. business versus their more traditional former-colonial partners.

HGS solutions and their trade associates were given a full tour throughout the Republic and saw first-hand the opportunities available for HGS’s clients; this opportunity was given to HGS’s clients alone. These projects and relationships in Cameroon are only available to HGS’s clients in the following sectors: agriculture, electrical grid, environmentally conscious petro-refining as well as a cross country network of rail lines.

The agricultural opportunities in Cameroon are seemingly endless. As it stands, Cameroon is not food secure and relies on much importation of staples grains such as rice to feed its population. HGS’s clients will allow Cameroon to not only be food secure but will allow for exportation of major international cash crops to richer markets in the Middle East. Not only will crops be flown abroad, but upon completion of the rail lines, Cameroon will be able to export surplus food stock to their neighbor countries.

Another trade mission is in the works for mid-2021. Information including the dates of the upcoming trade mission, and how to participate will be available soon contingent on the COVID-19 pandemic.

South Sudan

New Opportunities for Development

The United States lifted the designation of the Republic of Sudan as a ) state sponsor of terrorism on December 14th, 2020. This is a pivotal step that allows Sudan to fully rejoin the community of trading nations. There are great opportunities across all Sudanese economic sectors, especially in agriculture, infrastructure, and energy development.

Huffine Global Solutions, Inc. (HGS) and their local partners in Sudan are organizing a Trade Mission in 2021 to introduce a variety of American businesses in the areas of agriculture, infrastructure development, and petro-refining to a nation that is now open for business. Watch this space for more information about dates of the upcoming trade mission and how to participate.