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Edwin Huffine

Founder & CEO

Ed is an experienced domestic and international business executive with more than 20-years of proven experience who has received awards from federal, state, professional, and academy for excellence.

During this time, led research and development programs, managed large numbers of scientists in multiple nations and ethnicities, increased exports and sales of various companies, provided testimony before the US Congress and various agencies for both advanced scientific projects and trade sustainability.

Three times has taken start-ups from infancy to a recognized world leader in their field and maintains an international network of trusted and vested international partners, government agencies, NGOs, and financing groups.

Experienced in B2B, governmental, and NGO projects and negotiations and in developing and adhering to profit and loss statements and cash flow requirements for profit companies and non-profit NGOs.

Gregory Wilhelm-Wenzel


Navigates and steers the ship for the SunCore organization with a role to create strategic partnerships and alliances with potential investors and Joint Venture (JV) relationships.

Greg is passionately building a culture that embodies integrity, honesty and also one that cares for the physical, personal and financial wellbeing of our teaming partners at all levels to create clients and a growing business family for life.

Strives to focus on the development of corporate structures, strategies, goals, financial input, and leadership to build an organization where our decisions are based on always “doing what is right”.

Ron Migoya

VP of Design Construction

Ronald is responsible for directing and managing the architectural design team and construction process, including collaboration during project development.

Ronald’s extensive experience includes successfully managed projects from simple interior improvements through contemporary multi-million-dollar complex construction projects including hospitality and mixed-use projects.

Tayo Okunade, Esq

General Counsel

We are pleased to have Tayo Okunade, Esq. as our primary legal counsel to provide legal services, and consultation, to Huffine Global Services.

Tayo understands the complexities of legal representation and litigation and believes that every client deserves the utmost attention, honesty, and value in the handling of their legal matter.

He has extensive experience in real estate contract law and real estate construction with respect to construction defects cases, including litigation.


Bill Cannon

VP of Agricultural Development

Roy Richard

Director of Development

Ajume Wingo

Africa Liaison

T.J. Grubisha

Senior Director of Government Relations

Kody Siegel

Director of Media & Communications

Jennifer Colton

Brand Director

Rafael Perez

VP of Estimating Pre-construction Services

Sebastian Ward

Project Manager Advisor

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