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Transforming the natural resources of a nation into sustainable health and prosperity for its people
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Huffine Global Solutions, Inc. (HGS) focuses on providing International Trade and Commercial Real Estate Development, Technologies, and Building Systems for Existing and Emerging Markets, Offering well-defined and Sustainable Solutions to

Develop strategies based on present and future opportunities

Grow business for global markets with key local industry leaders

Serve as strategic cultural mediators and problem solvers

Create & design solutions with the best use of land for sustainable development

Assist in visa acquisition and licensing of International based projects

Connect U.S. businesses to key industry leaders in the public & private sectors

Introduce our clients to grants and financing opportunities

Our 8 Areas of Focus

Huffine Global Solutions (HGS) has roots in the work done to identify missing US service members from Vietnam, Korea and WWII, as well as the mass DNA-led identification project in the former Yugoslavia, which has led to the identification of more than 17,000 recovered individuals.  

The advancements in DNA testing, as well as understanding how DNA testing can be better used in identification projects, have a significant humanitarian and societal impact.  Realizing the impact scientific advancements can have on nations has been incorporated into the basic philosophy of HGS’s operations and goal.  

Though HGS has a relatively small core staff, HGS partners with dozens of other companies that both share the goal of helping nations develop and possess a breakthrough technology that fundamentally improves their industry.  

This corporate and industrial partnership offers wide-ranging benefits to member HGS partners as a success in one industry can often be shared with other partner companies, thus increasing the efficiencies and effectiveness of the overall delivery and implementation of the project.  

Though corporations must be profitable, they can do so in a way that benefits both the corporation and the people of a nation, giving rise to the motto of HGS: “Transforming the natural resources of a nation into sustainable health and prosperity for its people.

1) Science, Health & Wellness

HGS has aligned itself with projects that include partners developing environments for scientific health and wellness, both domestically and internationally.  In doing so we are also establishing an educational unit within HGS to work directly with Colleges, Universities and Health and Wellness associations, bringing the latest in organic herbs, leafy greens and organic pharmaceuticals to market in the US and Abroad.

Our Health & Wellness team is developing Renewable/Sustainable resources and state of the art research and development centers to assist in purifying the environment and giving individuals new opportunities to change to healthy, sustainable lifestyles.

Science through education plays a large part of HGS mission to develop the minds of the future.  We are establishing a student exchange and internship program to assist individuals and nations in developing communities with the latest social, economic, healthcare and science technology.

2) Housing & Hospitality

Housing and Hospitality, though different in end goals, both involve the construction of units for human habitation. In the former case, HGS works with companies that have developed patent-pending designs and systems to create ‘legacy’ homes, meaning houses that will endure for generations.

These homes can withstand severe weather, including hurricanes, are more energy-efficient than other models, and possess easy access to critical areas, such as water pipes and electric systems to provide for ease of repair.

An additional focus is for the majority of the homes to be built using local materials at center locations, as well as local labor.

The hospitality industry supports local commerce and growth and having quality hotels and amenities is a critical factor for long-term success and repeat business and HGS has partner companies that excel in this area.

Many areas around the world have tremendous history and activities to offer visitors, but the lack of accommodations hinders the development of the tourist industry.

By exploring other lands and cultures, one achieves an increased awareness and appreciation of the diversity that exists across the globe and this brings people from different lands together to share a common experience.

3) Industry

New advancements in industrial production offer new opportunities for retrofitting inefficient industrial production centers, and creating new lines of output that create local, high-quality jobs.

By working with companies and boards who are committed to both maintaining environmental integrity as well as the economic enhancement of local populations, systems can be built that are sustainable, produce quality products and further the local economy by using local products.

These production centers can be based upon various modalities, including joint venture agreements with US companies, BOOT to transfer to local operation and ownership, or built entirely for a local client.

Local production also helps to ameliorate the type of supply chain disruption from long distance providers that the world has witnessed over the past few years and in doing such, helps to reduce potential economic upsets and even starvation when a local population is overly dependent upon a few long-distance sources for food and critical materials.

4) Refining & Clean Energy

Without sufficient energy, a nation’s economic development and the quality of life for its people languish. Moreover, energy is an essential component of industrial growth and diversification.

Existing types of energy, such as natural gas and crude oil, can be tapped in manners that are more environmentally friendly than those used in the past and do not ‘spoil’ the environment.

New technologies provide options for superior petroleum refining and converting coal into low sulfur diesel, thus saving
vital industries and highly trained jobs while decreasing various forms of pollution.

These forms of energy need transportation mechanisms, including monitored pipelines, and are less prone to rupture. Solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal provide various green energy options and are often most effective and reliable when combined with energy produced from natural gas.

5) Financial Revitalization

Projects and development require funding. To most effectively aid in the development of a nation’s economy, this funding needs to be provided in a non-predatory manner that does not expose the nation to some degree of loss of sovereignty or control over its assets.

This funding might be in the form of US Government loans and/or grants, such as from the US EXIM Bank, USTDA, the DFC, USAID, and others, from International Banks like the World Bank, African Development Bank as some examples, as well as private and corporate investors.

Each funding agency has its own requirements and special areas of focus, and these points need to be addressed in any proposal submitted.

HGS also works with groups that provide insurance against non-payment due on funds provides, thus helping to mitigate financial risk to US companies. HGS staff has significant experience in working with various funding entities to meet the financing needs of the project.

6) Transportation & Infrastructure

If a country or region produces some of the highest quality natural or manmade products, and there is no way to transport those materials outside of the immediate region, much of their potential value is never realized.

Quality transportation systems are a key link in a region’s ability to provide stable and better-quality jobs as well as to increase revenue for the local population. Such transportation is also needed to bring in materials that are not produced locally.

HGS works with companies that provide quality transportation systems that are enduring and outlast those of other companies.

In this way, a more stable and reliable system of transportation, whether by road, seaport or air, is created, thus further integrating a people and their products into the global community.

7) Agriculture & Food Production

Our agriculture partners include those in the crop, livestock, greenhouse, hydro/aquaponics and soil revitalization fields. The use of these products greatly increases both the quality and quantity of foods and does so in a more environmentally and healthy manner.

The products of these companies not only reduce the reliance on fertilizers, but also offer inventive ways of  to capture carbon and strengthen soil health. This new approach establishes higher profit due to significant increases in yields, a lower cost of inputs while adding the many economic and environmental benefits gained through using proven sustainability practices, resulting in a lower cost per unit of crop produced.

The New Age of Agriculture offers significant increase in local food production and helps to lift famers into profitability instead of subsistence farming.

8) ECO Earth Science Sustainability Products

Education and Wellness play a large part of HGS improvements on the environment.  HGS has teamed with partners to develop Renewable and Sustainable Resources such as, Geothermal, Solar, Wind, Hydro and Biomass.

As greenhouse gasses ravage our environment and climate change issues continue to increase, HGS practices and encourages individuals and nations to develop projects and products with Zero Carbon footprints.  Our teams and partners have expertise in Carbon Sequestration and lowering CO2 emissions into the environment.

Climate change includes global warming and the impacts on the earth’s weather patterns.  Development of Ecofriendly building materials, conservation methods and environment cleanup is a goal set in every program and project HGS is involved in.

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